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The fast-paced and complicated financial world of today makes things hard for both people and businesses. Having an expert Certified Public Accountant (CPA) on your side is a must, whether you need help with your taxes or financial advice.

Motazedi CPA in Hillside is a distinguished CPA firm serving the community of Hillside NY. We have established ourselves as a reliable source for people and businesses in need of tax and financial issues. Our firm has a solid reputation for excellence and a commitment to client satisfaction among the locals.

Empowering Your Financial Future: Motazedi CPA Hillside in Jamaica

To be financially successful, you need to know a lot about the ever-changing tax laws, regulatory compliance and strategic financial planning. This is where Motazedi CPA's skills really shine. Our company is run by highly qualified individuals with a lot of experience in the field. We offer a wide range of specialized services that are tailored to each client's specific needs. Motazedi CPA has made long-lasting relationships based on trust, honesty, and great results.


As an important part of the Hillside community, Motazedi CPA knows the problems that local people and companies face. Our team of skilled CPAs works hard to help clients get through these problems and reach their financial goals. Motazedi CPA makes sure that every client gets the best service by giving them individual care.

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Our Services in Hillside

At Motazedi CPA, we offer every kind of tax and financial service. We are ready to help you with your accounting, tax, audit or any kind of financial advice. We help you with saving money. Here are some of our main services 


Taxation Preparation

This service of ours is the most demanding service within the area of Hillside. We do any kind of work related to tax. Some of them are:

Accounting and Bookkeeping


We offer a wide range of payroll services for the locals of Hillside, Queens, NY. This service includes 

They provide an accurate representation of a company’s financial health.

Hillside CPA Service in Jamaica


We provide assistance to both people and corporations in maintaining correct financial records. It includes:

IRS Representation


We offer strategic advice to businesses, including entity formation, business planning, risk management, and internal controls. Our consulting includes: 

Unleash Your Financial Potential with Motazedi CPA in Hillside

Motzedi CPA has the knowledge and experience to help you get great results whether you need help with tax planning and preparation, bookkeeping, analyzing financial statements or business advice. We take the time to learn about your situation, look at your finances, and come up with answers that fit your needs and help you reach your goals.

When you work with Motazedi CPA, you have a reliable partner who will go above and beyond to help you succeed. We have a team of experienced Certified Public Accountant CPA Hillside. Our employees are known for being exact, right, and moral when it comes to accounting. They are very proud of the fact that we can help both people and businesses with all of their financial needs.


When Motazedi CPA is by your side, you can confidently and calmly manage the complicated world of finance. We are one of the finest CPA firms in Hillside. You can trust us with your finance and tax.

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