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professional bookkeeping services

Professional Bookkeeping Services at your convenience

Motazedi CPA is a professional CPA firm that provides expert bookkeeping services for business owners across the USA. Our team of expert bookkeeping and accounting professionals ensure error-free, consistent, and reliable tax accounting services. Get affordable bookkeeping services for your business today.Contact us for bookkeeping services so you can focus on your business.

Why choose our bookkeeping service

Maintaining bookkeeping of your business takes a lot of time and effort. An expert CPA can unloads your hassle by actively ensuring an error-free bookkeeping 


Motazedi CPA PC as a licensed tax accounting firm stays compliant with tax laws. As a result, you can get a reliable bookkeeping service for your business. By analyzing your transactions, we can determine your financial positioning to reach your business goal.  


Our expert accountants keep record of your financial transaction and prepare financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements. 

Why hire a bookkeeping service?

Our bookkeeping service ensures updated records of your finances. As a result, you can get reliable bookkeeping help and support for swift business decisions.

Feel Free to Contact with Us

Our bookkeeping services come in a wide-range of packages. All of them are offered at an affordable price. If you want to learn all the details about our bookkeeping packages, fill up the form. One of our representatives will communicate to you with all the respective insights very soon. 

Range of our Bookkeeping Services

Services We Provide

Data Entry

The foundation of bookkeeping is data entry. Our expert makes accurate data entry.

Financial Statement Preparation

We are responsible for preparing some significant financial statements for small businesses which includes: profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements

General Ledger Maintenance

Our team gives you an accurate picture of the business by keeping a ledger of income and expenditure incurred in the business.

Loan Reconciliation

We compare the balance in their general ledger to a statement from the lender or amortization schedule and investigate or explain any discrepancies.

Recording of Asset Purchases

We record the capital asset of your business on the balance sheet.

Preparation of Personal Financial Statements

We provide financial statements for small businesses which includes, profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements.

Reconciliation Services

We resolve discrepancies between your credit card statements and your accounting system to ensure timely payment and financial positioning of the business.

QuickBooks Training and Consulting

Our QuickBooks Training and Consulting keeps track of your bills and expenses.

Our Clients' Valuable Opinions

Terri Ovalle
Terri Ovalle
Read More
I have been able to focus on my business better. Thanks to Motazedi CPA PC’s affordable bookkeeping services. They maintain flawless financial records which has helped me plan my budget for upcoming endeavors. I highly recommend Motazedi CPA’s bookkeeping service.
Tommy Moore
Tommy Moore
Read More
Maintaining an error-free record of transactions has always been challenging for me. Motazedi CPA PC made it easy for me with its expert bookkeeper service. They not only ensure an accurate bookkeeping of my business finances but also maintain consistency on generating financial statements.
Kenneth Crisp
Kenneth Crisp
Read More
I have received excellent bookkeeping services from Motazedi CPA PC. As a professional bookkeeping service company, it looked into all my expenses in-depth and provided accurate results for me. Undoubtedly, the best bookkeeping service near me.

Frequently Asked Questions

The charge of our bookkeeping services depends on our packages with variation of offers. If you want to know the pricing details of our bookkeeping packages, fill up the form above. Our experts will inform you of all the necessary details.

It is not mandatory for bookkeepers to obtain a license. However, they can earn optional credentials, which adds to their credibility. For instance- Motazedi CPA is a licensed public accountant firm in NYC.

Motazedi CPA P.C is a licensed CPA firm in NYC. We have a wide-ranging booking services which includes- data entry, financial statement preparation, general ledger maintenance, loan reconciliation, quickbook training and consulting etc. So whether or not you are a self-employed individual, small business owner, or an NGO; our professionals will maintain the highest financial accuracy. So get in touch with us today and get reliable bookkeeping support.